Dolly Daydream

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Elinor Mae(chen)-Fortune Little girl. Big heart

Anime. Manga. J-Pop. Jazz. Blues. Games. Singing. Dancing. Theatre. Film. Lolita. Gyaru. Gal. Sunshine. Ginger hair. Green Eyes. Forever 17. Cuteiful. Fluffy things. Food. Cheesburgers. Late nights. Sleeping. Asperger's. Cosplay. Kittens. Puppies. Foxes. Martial Arts. Art. Literature.Poetry. Songwriting. SAO. Shipping. Kissing. KH's.

I just found this whilst I was sorting out my DVD’s for the move to Chiswick… @aimeelouisebarrett ROSE & KIM STAGEY FOREVER 💖 #byebyebirdie #artsed #stagey

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